Monthly Giving

Monthly Giving Campaigns

Growing your NPO’s monthly donations is not an easy task, but it forms one of the most important and valuable pillars of an organisations funding. We are always here to help you maximise your debit order platform with the aim of growing your recurring donations.

Monthly Giving Success Recipe

1. The right platform

Using a recurring playment platform that automates the majority of your administrations and payment processing will allow your organisation to focus on growth.

Monthly Giving

2. A Great Name

The first step you can take towards a successful monthly giving campaign is to come up with an engaging and appropriate name that your donors can identify with.

Mensch Monthly Giving

3. A Value Proposition

The lifetime value of a monthly donor is so high that it is a worthwile investment to create an engaging and appealing value proposition for your donors. A monthly donor can be a donor for life and should be treated like a family member of your organisation.

Monthly Giving

4. Distribution Channels

A perfect campaign can only be measured by conversions and conversions can only be measured with reach. There are many ways to attain reach and strategy depends on the organisation. This is where we have the most value to offer, assisting your organisation with reaching the audience most likely to join your family.

Mensch Monthly Giving

Beating the NPO starvation cycle!

Financing a non-profit organisation has always been one of the most significant challenges faced by such ventures. However, leveraging technology to secure recurring donations and automate tedious administration, means that in this day and age, sustainable funding is no secret.

“Non-profit leaders are much more sophisticated about creating programmes than they are about funding their organisations.” These are the words of Stanford Social Innovation Review writer William Landes Foster, and if you’re a key player in the operation of any non-profit organisation they might sting a little, however, while Foster’s comment is undoubtedly a generalisation, it is one grounded very much in the real world.

The harsh reality for the vast majority of non-profit organisations, is that they are not only faced with the herculean challenge of impacting socioeconomic change in line with their core purpose, but they have to simultaneously take on the arguably even greater challenge of generating the funding necessary to drive their programmes.

Solving the world’s problems and constantly chasing donors is like fighting a war on two fronts – something that history has shown us time and time again rarely ends well…

There is good news though. It’s a war you don’t have to fight.

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