Build your own eMandate

Not only have we crafted a template tailored specifically to your organization’s needs, but we’ve also transformed it into South Africa’s only fully customizable Electronic Mandate. Your organization can incorporate its corporate identity, logo, banner image, 18A tax certificate options, and much more, ensuring a personalized and branded experience for your donors.

Embedded on
your website

We’ve taken great care to prioritize your donors’ peace of mind and trust in your organization. Each Paysoft Impact eMandate can be customized to your corporate identity and seamlessly embedded on your website. This allows you to provide your donors with a unique and reassuring experience, ensuring they stay on your site throughout the process.

Debit Order Dashboard

Published online
in seconds

Our stylish and functional electronic mandate debit order forms are seamlessly hosted on our web application. Moreover, they can be embedded directly on your website, ensuring that your donors never have to leave your site when signing up to contribute.

Debit Order Dashboard